The Millennial Volunteers

The Millennial Volunteers

 Here’s a message; a message from millennial travellers to the older generations.


We feel the need to apologize to you by not being able to sit in an office for 9 hours straight, or the need to take a break after the completion of each semester. Either way, we work and study and achieve what we need to. But what we fail to achieve are those skills and experiences we need to face this world.


We are digital nomads, young and empowered. And the entire world for us is a place for us to work, explore and experiment.

AIESEC gives us that opportunity, to go out and explore to live the experience and learn new skills. From leadership skills and learning how to co-exist is a volunteering abroad opportunity teaches us. You may call us selfish for going out and exploring and following our dreams. But aren’t you being selfish too wanting us to stay back and just working harder till the point our knowledge is stagnant and of no use any longer?image3


Please excuse us and let us move forward. Sorry if we don’t support wars or react to them. Instead what we learn is to co-exist and love and move forward. It’s the mission of AIESEC to understand the need to be together and learn to live together with our differences. It’s the mission of the young people all over the world today to eradicate diseases such as racism, prejudice and discrimination forever from the mind of the people.

We believe that we can change the world. Every volunteer contributes in a significant way with little or lots of efforts. Social media is a boon to us as it’s possible for us to receive information in milliseconds and at the same time share our experience with the world for who knows another person living the dull life out there would want to take up an opportunity to reach out to the world and volunteer and contribute his bit to the society? It was someone’s post on social media or words of encouragement that gave us the strength to follow our passions in the first place.

And we choose to travel and invest our money for being out there in the field where the issue is taking place for we get to learn things from another perspective we never know even existed.

So AIESEC is kind of this massive community where we support the sustainable development goals needed to be achieved by 2030 and follow our dreams by volunteering for opportunities given to us to make this world a better place. And this is only possible by overcoming our fears, learning new skills, adapting to new environments and workplaces and accepting diverse identities. image4

There is a difference in living and merely existing and no difference in merely existing and death. So we choose to live and bring small changes in our society collectively adding on to the greater changes gradually.

We at AIESEC believe in you. We believe in your power to bring a change in the world. Become a global volunteer and grab your chance to add magic to somebody’s life. image5


Be a part of the change, be a part of AIESEC. Know more about Global Volunteer Programmes.

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