SDG #8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

The next time there is a price hike, remember that there is a person getting their pockets overfilled with “Swiss” authentication and even stressful “look over the shoulder” moments for those tax-evading high rollers!

It’s one of the most happening days for a family when a member is promoted at their workplace. A new level for the family to spread their legs and smile and yawn and stretch.

With every new and upcoming “easier” and more “refined” lifestyle- one can only expect to have a higher price, right?


Why is it that for a better lifestyle, more liberty should be poured?

It’s because the rich and getting richer and the poor have no deeper level to sink at.

The main reason there’s no decent work is due to the large evacuation for the “recession” periods that hit. All that was a result of the major famine named “scams”.

There are a lot of scams that the rich hit with, and only a few get through to the media and out – rest make the basic GDP of any region depleted of their rates/figures  and the poor suffer the hike in price for such intrusive measures.

The GDP growth rate affect how often a colleague gets their promotion – despite their hard working conditions and overtime and what not.

All this is a major defect for the upcoming era and their options for the fields they can choose from. A major portion of  a field is filled with aspiring candidates and then the economic growth rate of that field decreases majorly and affects the rate of advancement in that field just as well.

All these links in the chain form a crashing ripple effect when such issues are brought up, the economic growth rate, the GDP of the region that is majorly in relation with the field, the working conditions, the “sheep” theory for overpopulating an upcoming field with great potential with unskilled minds- all suffer.

The affected  regions due to such ineffective measure are the developing regions that showcased only a growth rate of 0.9 percent whilst the developed regions outgrew these numbers by 5.8 percent higher than the developing regions. In such a scenario reported from 2010 to 2015 is a high rising issue for the market and the products that are produced from the developing regions that affect a larger chain in action that showcase an effect in the whole cycle of not only that product but it’s subsequent counterparts and subparts.

In 2015, the average worker in developed regions produced 23 times the annual output of an average worker in sub-Saharan Africa (which has the lowest labour productivity in developing regions), and 2.5 times that of an average worker in Western Asia (which has the highest labour productivity in developing regions).

And, The global unemployment rate stood at 6.1 per cent in 2015, down from a peak of 6.6 per cent in 2009, mostly owing to a decline in unemployment in the developed regions. Unemployment affects population groups differently. Globally, women and youth (aged 15 to 24) are more likely to face unemployment than men and adults aged 25 and over. 

With such highly regarded issues, the word needs to focus on the upbringing of the youth and the basic need for a vision to develop the world in a direction where such exhaustible measures aren’t undertaken. That the world has a very sustainable form of development so that there is not only a base for the formation to be laid down upon but also a set of qualities and provisions for better standards of living.

The main issue now rests with the youth to be educated about such underlying issues in the background working of the world, and it’s basic attributes and properties .

AIESEC, a youth led organisation with an alignment of goals with an affiliated parent like the UN that showcased a pathway and pointers for growth. In such a contained field, the dynamics brought in by the youth help churn the issues with a very solution oriented leadership qualities with well versed set of skills that procure a very high quality result and strike at the centre of the dart board of issues – known as world.

A number of times when the youth is asked for their contribution on such issues, the cover up that is displayed is the insufficient opportunities provided and then the lack of availability for such opportunities to be enrolled in. AIESEC provides with such opportunities but with only the help of offering them, the role of adding motivation and self resilience to the project can only be picked up and shone from the learnings they are showcased.

The harder the grinding, the stupider the loss!

The smart the grinding, the better the shine of the jewel. Opportunities aren’t lesser in number, the volunteers to take charge of the direction that the development must be in is lesser in number!


Content Writer ~ Varun Kohly

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