SDG #7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

The major issue with today’s generation isn’t the growing up with the increasing number of exuberant technological device, but the will to power it. The will to power it is merely a few bucks for the “basic” plan that is reasonable/affordable that a middle class family thinks for.

But is it, really?

One wonders where this comes from. Okey, there is a big power block like square unit near your home; it powers all those hefty devices you use, but is that what actually generates it?

There are many and many ways energy is generated, few of which is anywhere “closer” to the “precious” children and loved ones for anyone who pays for them. The green paper that is paid, not the families that pay for it with lives! And to think, your plug provides with one form of energy- many await to be known by the growing minds.

For example, there is a something called a “transformer” that bumps up the alternating current produced by the main power plants whilst it’s on its way to your ‘’home sweet home’’!

There exists a variety of murders that occur in this world, one of them that anyone paying their electricity bill for useless usage does is the “coal miner-murder”. For your “highly priced” electricity there are about 9 deaths for every 81,484 worker including the office workers only in the US.

Household gas is a burning sensation that bursts through your roof much faster than any “YUMMY” food that you’d likely make with it. Your “natural gas” sticker means millions of years of dead and pyre-cremated, hopefully, animals that helped in your sort of tasty food- don’t let anyone tell you that you ruined it all by yourself next time; you had help of those dinosaurs.

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Why? Why is the person sitting on that side of these 0s and 1s read and feel bad about an energy consumption when the world, their generation, their minds, their brilliance helps in making newer and more eco-friendly progress than mankind has ever achieved? Why would you feel the waste of this entire burden, of all this dead and no more upbeat animals, of all that you’re genuinely paying for with your hard earned money?

It’s because there is estimated that in 2015 still about 2.8 billion people have no access to modern energy services and over 1.1 billion do not have electricity. Furthermore, around 4.3 million people are dying prematurely every year due to indoor pollution resulting from cooking and heating with unsustainable fuels.

The challenge lies in finding ways to reconcile the necessity and demand for modern and sustainable energy services with its impact on the environment and the global natural resource base in order to ensure that sustainable development goals are realised.


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With this, now one wonders what they can do to help make the world a “greener”” place. That’s a major development issue that not every single person must aim for, to be honest- it shouldn’t be anyone goal, for everyone- it should be to start with their surroundings and their actions itself to string up to the major and main idea of “sustainable development” and how they can make sure that they’re not against this rather prudent and more restricted audience’s fight.

Maybe educate yourself on the operational workings of the core idea of this? Maybe go on to educate the world, but where? And with what form of personality would you require for this? What sort of reasoning skills would you develop? How would you become that solution oriented ambivert leader that persists to solving the issue of the major concerns with their rather “exuberant” wishes and abilities, personality and power, knowledge and fire than the handhelds.

With one of the major organisations of the youth, with power of the youth and their minds, it keeps itself updated to help its members update and rather more frequently and easily upgrade themselves to a better version of themselves- to achieve the solution oriented leader who doesn’t shy away from problems because it has no direct affect and doesn’t enter the arena for any specialized certificates either, they wish to stand upfront to the problem to help find that one little tiny keyhole that makes man step a further closer to the cosmic peace of the earth, it helps!

Not only is AIESEC the leading organisation to be affiliated with the UN, but it’s also the major leading portal to help enrich your goals, to your vision, and to help enrich your life with a little more of intellect and opportunities than stand beside you and gather your credibility in making itself firm and more ground-holding than breaking.

Help yourself, solve the mystery- choose a better option to the vibrant life than a vacation, help in the major cause!

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Content writer- Varun Kohly


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