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An opportunity to become ready for the real world.

We have internships available in a wide variety of sectors and roles around the world.
Discover thousands of opportunities ranging from startups to multinationals. Now is your time to build your confidence, gain experience and build your leadership capabilities.

GT-globe-01-300x300The Global Talent Program has specially been molded for young graduates who want to be a part of the global learning realm. The paid internship enables the participants to gain a first hand experience at working in a professional environment. This program also provides them with an opportunity to specialize in their particular fields and probe all the available career options.

The internship not only enables its participants to be a global personality with an entrepreneurial and professional outlook, but facilitates the building of their own global corporate network.

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We have internships available in a wide variety of sectors and roles around the world.

Discover thousands of opportunities ranging from startups to multinationals



Break Cultural Barriers

In global economy, young professionals need to build their cross-cultural communication skills as well as develop cultural sensitivity. This quality is sought by global employers who seek to build their cultural competence and improve their business performance in an increasingly globalized environment.

Be A Global Professional

With an understanding of international business and an ability to bring new perspectives to an increasingly diverse workforce, young workforce can help companies build a competitive advantage in the global economy.

Entrepreneurial & Responsible Leadership

In a world where leadership dynamics are changing, it is no more just about profits or growth. A prior entrepreneurship leadership experience can help the youth be a part of the future change agents of the world and make the world a better place.




International work experience in a dynamic working environment.


Opportunity to be a part of an international team & gain global perspective.


Enhance your business, technology, or teaching skills through experience and exposure.


Network with young, like-minded people across the globe and engage with AIESEC’s external partners.

To register with us and to know more about the program, drop a mail to our VP Marketing & Communications at