Entrepreneurship is not only a growing trend but a very significant way to develop a better world, something that the older generations weren’t very much focused on!

With the new age and days coming up, people tend to choose the trendy option “Be Your Own Boss”.

This evades a lot of negativity and helps cherish the true essence of development over decrement.

One can only hope to aspire to be in such a position, or actually – be in it.

The big question that gets asked is “What?”

What will you do?

What if it doesn’t work, what will you do?

What will be your backup plan?

What will you do for sustaining in a stable format?

To all these questions, many have different and rather powerful replies for. Mainly because they’ve sought to the power within themselves, they believe in their instinct and

For such rising startups, there is a need for someone to help in stabilising the pace whilst the direction is kept aligned to which it began with. Only to find “if all the sailors are busy mapping the direction, nobody is actually sailing the ship” to be very true, having many people envision a developing product and its differential relations- but, with no one to help actualise the path.

There are many reasons to become an entrepreneur; there are far greater reasons to work with an entrepreneurship under internship programs.

One, when in college pursuing their favourite field, shouldn’t drop out of that great growth opportunity to start an entrepreneur’s journey but instead should be headstrong in interning at one.

For various reasons such as:

  • The flexibility of having someone to understand your problems in a better manner as they’ve just passed those phases.
  • The first-hand experience of problems when operating a startup.
  • The decision to maintain the exact same direction that the project was started with, only to incorporate any developments and good forthcoming in its way for better quality.
  • The understanding of the operational level working of a start-up.
  • To learn how to align the companies goals and your personal goals for maximum benefit and many more reasons.

The idea is to maintain the richness of the trend but by adding stability to the upcoming ones by providing them with a closer experience and working. With this, the newer startups will have a stronger base to firmly reside upon, and the already existing ones would have had a developing chance at their proposals and tighten the knots at their end.

In a normal day from 9-5 internship that you very highly sought after for your genuine intentions of “learning”, you’ve found it to be a reluctantly accepted waste. What once was a quick glance at an opening for internship at a start-up; you now regret not choosing that.

Believe in what you’d feel for worth doing in your time.

If there’s one thing that someone can teach you very well, it’s to respect time and that to utilise this one life that you’ve. There’s more to it than what meets the eye.

Instead of sitting in a corner at a nice organisation for its certificate value and doing as much nothing as getting a cup of coffee every few hours, you could be sitting amidst a group of people you relate to being from your generation and hold a strong cup of coffee with the Christmassy touch of cinnamon on a stool that’s bright coloured having you wear pants that are far from professional look  but uplift your mood to scratch that rough yet smooth crystallised paper on that shaved wooden table and a soft touch with a pen that drops the ink between those crystals of that paper. The touch of a smooth and yet a stroking rough paper against the nib of a pen with that rough texture and to scribble your thoughts in the perfect child-like drawing that represents that concept so deeply to you that you actualise it in the most beautiful form, that you found it to be the clearest to be seen. Elementary designs that showcase the idea that forged from those quick and shooting neurons. The idea of being in a meeting that takes very important decisions and to realise that your voice matters. That, every time you spoke- you steered the direction of a whole organisation- be it to a new level, to a new direction, to a new development, but all that matters is that with time you not only learnt to steer it well but  also you had practiced of holding such an important position.

Whilst all this begins, one can only hope to wonder the exuberant burst of ideas and flavours and fireworks that the dish (organisation) would create by expanding with the idea of globally accepted interns.

The exposure would be so exceptional that when in a global entrepreneurship, the level of learning will maximise to provide the closest experience to gathering all the valuable pieces of all the internships and mixing and grinding them in a very rich and extremely silk like soft manner.

What this entire scenario helps in is building a personality fit for such a respectable work environment that sophistication and elegancy mix in a harmonious manner to present a very suited person, from their attitude to their inner revelations.

All but no, one can help but gather; there is a much idea of love in knowing your growth at every path.

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