Come Volunteer at Balakalakaar 2017!

Imagine not having those toys you cherished, the swanky pencil cases you had or the cool backpack you enjoyed showing off in your childhood.


It’s tough isn’t it?

There are about 20 million orphans in India, 10.3 million child laborers and around many more millions of children unable to afford basic necessities like education and food. All because of drawing the short straw in life and being plunged into truly difficult circumstances on birth.

AIESEC, world’s largest & most reputed youth-run organization, has set out to address this lack of awareness of these young forgotten souls.  For the past several years, Balakalakaar has been a successful annual event, which aims to bring together and highlight the creativeness and artistic talents of these socially marginalized children. This year’s event on 20th July 2017 will once again bring a smile to the faces of these children and allow them to find their inner kalakaari.

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While there will be plenty of prizes and awards to go around, we need a helping hand in order to make this event a reality. To give these kids the best experience they deserve, we need YOUR HELP to create the same buzz and success as in the years past.


Now is your time to give back to society and gain a valuable certificate of acknowledgement from a UN certified organization to add to your CV.

We are ready to make a difference in the world. Are you?

Register on this link now to become a volunteer and make a positive change in the lives of those who really need it:

Date:  20th July 2017

Time: 11am onwards

Venue: Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan

Fee: Rs. 250

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