Balakalaakar – 2017

India is the world’s largest democracy and has an important role in the world economy. But despite its economic growth, millions of children are being left behind.


Many children in India are being denied the basic necessities of life. They lack food, shelter, clothes, quality education, and health care. Instead of schools, they can be seen on streets of India, selling food, mining and engaging in domestic labour.


While we adults claim to be responsible citizens of this world, we tend to forget that we have so much to learn from children for they believe in a better world. They don’t tend to go into technicalities or get intimidated by failures; rather they are those future leaders of tomorrow who need a voice to speak out and a platform to bring out their ideas and creativity on making this world a better place to live in, for themselves and for the future generations.


The world’s largest youth-led organisation, AIESEC, has launched an annual event – Balkalakar; in order to recognise these issues and raise awareness on the plight of the children belonging to the lesser fortunate section of the society. It aims to give that very platform to children to highlight and bring out the creativity and artistic talent inside them.


With the overwhelming success in the past years, AIESEC has once again launched Balkalakar on 20th July, 2017 to let the children live a day where they are free from the burden of the poverty and for once be the real change maker for the society. 


In order to make this event successful we seek out your help and efforts and maybe a kind heart for letting these children be who they really are for once.

This is the time for you to contribute to the society and gain a valuable certificate of acknowledgement from a UN certified organisation added to your CV.


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